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and with your hand in mine, we will run
the constant pressure of his palm fitted warmly against her skin. she could feel the steady thrum of his pulse whenever he held tight enough, and could feel every slight motion of his fingers as they clinged on to the spaces between her own. with every move their bodies, their arms would swing tightly, but the connection between them would never falter, not even a little.
she loved the way he held on to her hand when guiding her somewhere. she loved how even if they were just standing next to her, he would hook his pinky with hers, as if he were making a promise that only he understood. she loved that when in a crowd of people, his first instinct is to reach out and grasp onto her hand so they would not separate.
she held onto his hand as if it were a lifeline and the only thing keeping her from drifting too far from the shore. the heat raidiating off his palm warmed her core in the middle of winter, even if she had a warm cup next to her and a wool blanket wrapped firmly around her pe
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i carry your heart
he looks at her as if she hung the moon. and if he could place the stars anywhere in the universe, he would put her in the center, for everyone deserved to be lit by her radiance in some form.
to him, she was a saving grace, so god-like and unnattainable, he always fell short of her reach. he envisioned a life dedicated to her, to live with her; to live for her. she was the first thought before he opened his eyes in the morning, and the last before his breathing evened out in the darkest of nights.
his speech became meticulate around her, and his senses sharpened, for any moment was precious and could not be taken away. when her eyes shined from excitement or sadness,  he could tell the difference within a split second. he noticed the way her eyes crinkled in the corner when she saw something funny, he noticed how her lips curled up when she smiled, he noticed how her hands never seem to sit still and were always looking for something to grip.
she smelled of grass and vanilla, a s
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What Do I Stand For?
What Do I Stand For?
The smell of cigarette smoke fills the air of the small desolate room. The only other items (besides the person) being a worn out mattress lying limp in the corner, and a shoddy lamp not even plugged into the wall socket. The woman is sat in the corner of the room, opposite the bed, next to an open window as if attempting to drown out the lonely silence of the indoors with the loud silence of the outside.
She's letting out heavy sighs with each drag of the cancer stick and every now and then runs her hand through her already a mess of hair. Her head hits the back of the wall, looking up at the smog-filled sky. She hasn't seen real stars in days, but it's not like they played any important role in her life the first place. They just sat there, most of them probably already gone by the time a poor child's wish even ghosts it.
The sound of laughter enters through a crack of the door and heavy steps can be heard. She shakes her head in annoyance and takes a long inh
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my dear old friend, take me for a spin
a week before his 20th birthday, he received a call from his doctor asking him to come into the office next week to discuss the CAT scans that had taken place not long before. a nagging pain behind his right eye had gotten too far and it was clear it was not simply from normal headache.
so he went the next day and four hours later, he came out. his hands were shaking with a thick set of papers in his hands.
on the day of his birthday, he told his friends and family. it was towards the end, and his mother was crying and his dad was gripping on the table hard enough that his knuckles had turned white. his best friend simply slapped his back laughing, saying, "ha! you're funny, man!" before realizing that, no, he was not joking and then promptly threw up thereafter.
his sister was the first to speak up, her 13 year old voice sounding unusually small. "how long?"
"I'm not going to die, hopefully."
"I don't care. how long's the treatment before you can have surgery?"
"about a
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Look How They Shine For You
Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.
I came along,
I wrote a song for you,
And all the things you do,
And it was called "Yellow"

"Hey..." I said, my breathe showing in the cold evening. I ran my hand across the cool surface of the grave stone, freshly cut flowers laid in front of it. I sat down, not minding the wetness of the grass. "I know it's a little late, but I got held up at work."
It wasn't an odd sight, seeing a twenty-something man in front of a grave talking to no one; not in a cemetery at least. There was an old couple in front of someone's own grave, an old friend, a lost son. We all had our fair share of loses.
"Today, Karen yelled at me for placing the cups in the wrong order. It's Starbucks, man, who cares?"
Your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn into something beautiful,
You know, you know I love you so,
You know I love you so.

"If you were still around you would've hit me over the head fo
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You Wanna Be Loved - Incomplete
You Wanna Be Loved
Leah sighed into he covers of the bed, her muscles relaxing after the stressful day. The sounds of traffic lulled her into a near peaceful state. A few moments later, she felt the springs of the bed shift next to her, someone was getting up. She could hear Matt slipping on some socks and ruffling around for his wallet.
She peeked one eye open. "Where you goin'?" She asked, her voice muffled by sleep. Her boyfriend of 3 years simply grunted and said a quick, "Out to buy some cigs..." before she heard the door shut.
Leah huffed into the sheets and tried to further sink herself into the duvet, yet failed. She loved Matthew - or at least she did love Matt. He had taken up a nasty habit of smoking less than a year prior and not long after did he spend his nights at the local bar. Matt was still the same, or so she'd like to think he is.
Raking her hands annoyed through her hair, Leah opened the drawer on the nightstand next to her bed. "Ahhh! Matthew, you're
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I Told You So.
"Are you insane?!" His words rang harshly throughout the hallway. Students turned their heads in curiosity to the two students currently arguing.
A girl with long blonde hair, was glaring up at a boy-rather awkwardly- who stood a good 7 inches taller than her. "Shut up, Michael! It's not like you never went out to a party before!"
He sighed and ran his hand through his blonde hair, aggravated.  "Alicia, as your older cousin, I'm responsible for what happens to you at school!" He said raising his arms in the air. "Yes, I have been to parties, but this party that you want to go to involves drinking! What would your mom say if I allowed you to attend this kind of party while she's out of town."
She huffed, her accent somehow making her voice seem both rougher and louder. "Bloody hell, Michael! It's not like I'm actually going to drink. I'm not going to faff around at this party, if that's what you're thinking! Blimey, I'm not stupid." Her hair swung rather violentl
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Goodbye or Hello
It's a hard word to say.
Especially when you say it to someone you know.
It's never easy.
Almost as hard as death.
It's the hardest part of friendship.
Most likely when you're close.
But friendship never dies.
So don't make one word its death.
Don't let death kill something as
Precious as friendship.
Goodbye may be a word of death.
But you can always counter it.
With one single word.
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"Do it," said the voice. "Now."
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Hey Say Jump YamaChiiNa by ITellNoLies-Liar Hey Say Jump YamaChiiNa :iconitellnolies-liar:ITellNoLies-Liar 4 2


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i'm writing.
i'm deleting.
i'm continuing.
i'm forgetting.
new ways.
old habits.
new year.
same me.
just better.
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